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The Fast Metabolism Diet– customized meal planning app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5008 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Penguin Random House LLC NY
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.9.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Apr 2013
App size: 34.71 Mb

**Companion to the #1 NY Times Bestsellers!** All the planning tools you need to lose weight on the 28-day Fast Metabolism Diet without counting calories, carbs, or fat grams! The Fast Metabolism Diet App is your companion to the book and cookbook by celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Haylie Pomroy. The app has helped people lose millions pounds!

With comprehensive food lists, you won’t have to guess whether you’re eating the right foods on the right day of the three-phase Fast Metabolism Diet plan. Tailor your meals and mealtimes to fit your tastes, restrictions, and lifestyle. Helpful reminders and checklists will help you track your progress. Consult the app on the go, at restaurants, and while grocery shopping to quickly find if and when certain foods are included in the Fast Metabolism Diet plan.

Features include:

• Customizable menu planning to fit your lifestyle and schedule
• Complete lists for all the foods and ingredients allowed in each phase of the diet
• Over 250 meals (including desserts!) from the book and Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook are selectable for easy planning.
• “My Day” tracker with upcoming meals and activities
• Interactive water tracker
• Email grocery lists to print or share
• Export your meal data for your records or for future use
• Tips and advice from Haylie to help you meet your goals

*Please note: American weights and measurements used, not the British Imperial system*
All information in the app reflects the most recent printing of the book.

About Haylie Pomroy:
Haylie Pomroy has helped thousands of clients heal their metabolisms and lose weight permanently—all through the fat-burning power of food. Hailed as “the metabolism whisperer” Haylie reminds us that food is not the enemy but medicine needed to rev up your sluggish, broken-down metabolism to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Pros and cons of The Fast Metabolism Diet– customized meal planning app for iPhone and iPad

The Fast Metabolism Diet– customized meal planning app good for

Ive tried a billion diets. I cant lose weight. On a whim I decided to try this app and this diet. Ive been on it a week now. Ive lost 6 lbs. I go to bed every night feeling full and wake up every day having lost weight. The app makes this diet so easy. It tells me when and what to eat. It reminds me to drink water. The food selection is tremendous. Ill update this review as I go along but... Im hopeful that this might actually be the cure for my years and years of weight loss struggles.
This app is for the person who needs to know what to eat and when to eat it. I did t use the recipes or the shakes. I didnt exercise other than 2 hours of yoga a week which I had done for 7 years. I ate out most of the time and simply used the app to show me which foods to eat. As long as you pack your AM and PM snacks and eat the 3 meals a day plus drink 60-70 oz water daily, its easy. Panera bread has the sprouted grain rolls and you can find frozen sprouted grain bread at Whole Foods. They are the only breads I used. Stay away from starch, fried foods, pasta and cheese and its easy cause the app guides you on what to eat. I ate more food on this diet in a day the. I ever ate. Its truly about the metabolism. It took me 6 weeks to lose 10 pounds, then the 3 came off and I now just do my own thing with including snacks and watch what I eat and in 8 weeks I have maintained the loss. Its like my Metabolism is fixed now.
This App is awesome and super easy to use with its aily intake log that lists foods to choose from and sends you remingers to drink water. Honestly I don’t understand some the negative Nellie reviews. This is such an easy way to lose weight and inches. Ive only been on it 9 days and have lost 1.5". You get to have plenty of yummy food and it does not feel like Im on a diet at all. Having tried several other popular apps but this one is a dream to use and I love Haylies sensible approach to fixing your metabolism. Im recovering from gaining 15 lbs from a broken foot and its easy to follow this plan.
I got the app first and felt a little lost, so I went to my library and checked out the book. That is the key to making this program work. You will eat a lot of food and you will be thinking about meals most of the waking time. But maybe thats what starts building healthy habits. I have been on the program almost 2weeks and my clothes feel better, and I feel really strong! Im crushing my yoga program! I like to run 5ks and after my last run I felt I needed to drop weight to be faster. I have not yet gone back to running as I am working on building muscle and strength. But Im interested to see how much better Ill do. You will have to work a little at the program but now Im getting to the part where I just remind myself of what Phase Im in and start mapping out my meals/snacks for the day. You may find that you dont want to start phase 1 on Monday. Mine is actually on Thursday. I do not feel deprived and Ive kicked my sugar addiction. Try it. Work with it. But definitely get the book. Lots of good info.
It gives great variation of foods to choose from for all meals throughout my day.
Very convenient to stay on phase. Would love to see the newer recipes added (loaded egg white muffins ...). Can you also add the FMD products/noodles etc?

Some bad moments

App is useless. The food lists are incomplete. Cant search the food list. Just terrible app.
Where are the recipes? I bought the hard cover cookbook and many of the recipes are not an option in the meal choices for each phase. And some of the recipes in the choices section are not in the book. How do I make a proper selection when the book and app dont jive? Kind of disappointed. If this issue is fixed, I may change my rating.
The FMD is very good. Definitely read the book so that you can fully understand the lifestyle and the reason why you eat certain foods on certain days. I use the app but it is not updated to reflect the most updated food list, recipes from the cookbook nor is the portion sizes accurate. I have contacted tech support in regards to the updates and I was informed that the nutritionist/author Hayley Pomroy does not own the app. Lets hope it can be updated sooner than later.
The app is helpful, especially at first, but it soon becomes apparent that it is very limited. First of all, there is only an iPhone version, not one specifically made for iPad. I can live with that by downloading the iPhone app onto my iPad. HOWEVER, I quickly found out that these do not sync. Whatever Ive done on my iPad, like scheduling my weeks worth of meals, does not appear on my iPhone! I like to have the information on both, when Im out, shopping or in a restaurant, I use my phone, if Im home wanting to cook, I prefer my iPad. This is really a major flaw! Another missing feature is the ability to link to other FMD products. For example, selecting a meal from the book should allow me to link to the recipe in the book Ive already purchased in Kindle., it should also allow me to create a shopping list of ingredients I need, either for the week or by phase or by any metric I choose. I expect a lot more from apps I have to pay for, this one is very disappointing should at the very least, be free.....
In the app it says you can have healthy fats for phase 3 bfast but in the book it says fat/protein. And there are a ton more differences in comparison to app/book/cookbook! Love the diet but I was hoping not to "think" too much on this diet:(.
This app is nothing different than the book. The food lists are not updated as they are updated for the FMD plan. The worst part of it all is that in this digital age, this app does not sync across devices, making it almost useless. Please please please add an update to allow this to sync across multiple devices. Without this function this app is just a waste of money.

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