The Fast Metabolism Diet– customized meal planning App Reviews

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Good help, but

I have enjoyed having this app to help me during the day, but as others have said it needs updating. Also, I wish there was a way to set your wake up time Monday-Friday so that every day I dont have to change it. Then when I change the wake up time, it should automatically change the other meal & snack times. A little time consuming. And yes, please add meals from the recipe book to choose from as your meal, not just the FMB book itself.

Helpful but.....

Having recently started I opted to try the app rather than using paper to plan. It is very helpful in creating a plan for the day despite its relative simplicity. BUT as many have noted there are some simple fixes that are needed such as choosing your start date other than today which would make it far more user friendly. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in todays technology there is absolutely no reason it cannot be synched between a phone and iPad given one has to pay for it. Please fix this....

Needs update

The app needs updated especially with snacks on p3 where we should be able to add protein.


You cant mark when you completed a meal or a day successfully (we all need positive reinforcement). You cant mark when you blow it (humans are not perfect). Some Meals are not in the book. You cant use it on your iPhone and iPad at the same time. I LOVE, Love the eating plan- it really works. The APP though is a waste of money- sad face.

Beware! This app is not accurate

Imagine my disappointment when I thought I was following the Fast Metabolism Diet to a T, and after joining the support group on Facebook, I learned I was eating the wrong foods!! Come to find out, the publisher owns this app, not author of the book.Many things are totally inaccurate. The publisher has chosen not to update things. Do not buy this app!


I love this app as its encouraging and supportive. Instead of focusing on what I cant have, it provides many options for great-tasting meals and snacks. And Im finally hitting my water goals with the reminders. Thanks!

Makes the plan easier to follow but needs updates

For me, this app definitely makes it easier to follow the plan, however it needs a few updates like adding the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables to the shopping list. Today I tried to set my start date as January 9, 2017, and it refused to use that date. Tried several times to make it work and it would only use today as a start date. When I tried to access support through the app it says my iPhone cant send email...not sure why. When I tried to access support through the App Store, I was taken to a page that said the webpage was no longer available. Well, like I said, the app makes it easier to follow the plan so Ill keep using it in hopes itll be updated in the near future.


This app is nothing different than the book. The food lists are not updated as they are updated for the FMD plan. The worst part of it all is that in this digital age, this app does not sync across devices, making it almost useless. Please please please add an update to allow this to sync across multiple devices. Without this function this app is just a waste of money.

Needs Updating!

Semi-helpful but would be great to see recipes or at least add ingredients to the shopping cart.

Love it - needs updates

Very convenient to stay on phase. Would love to see the newer recipes added (loaded egg white muffins ...). Can you also add the FMD products/noodles etc?

Not too impressed

So far not too impressed with the app. It needs the recipes from the cookbook so I dont have to put each individual ingredient for the garden meatballs. Also the jambalaya has 3 proteins yet you can only select one on P1. I put in to start on January 2, 2017, which is in 4 days and the app has today as December 29, 2017. This app needs some updating if you want people to use it regularly. Especially since we had to pay for the app.


Where are the recipes? I bought the hard cover cookbook and many of the recipes are not an option in the meal choices for each phase. And some of the recipes in the choices section are not in the book. How do I make a proper selection when the book and app dont jive? Kind of disappointed. If this issue is fixed, I may change my rating.

Love the app and the book (audio in my case)

It gives great variation of foods to choose from for all meals throughout my day.

Could use some updating.

I like the app for logging food. You can only set your weight in whole numbers and you can not track your weight loss as you lose. No area for your measurements. No area for your notes.

DO NOT BUY - Incomplete lists

App is useless. The food lists are incomplete. Cant search the food list. Just terrible app.

With the book this is a good plan

I got the app first and felt a little lost, so I went to my library and checked out the book. That is the key to making this program work. You will eat a lot of food and you will be thinking about meals most of the waking time. But maybe thats what starts building healthy habits. I have been on the program almost 2weeks and my clothes feel better, and I feel really strong! Im crushing my yoga program! I like to run 5ks and after my last run I felt I needed to drop weight to be faster. I have not yet gone back to running as I am working on building muscle and strength. But Im interested to see how much better Ill do. You will have to work a little at the program but now Im getting to the part where I just remind myself of what Phase Im in and start mapping out my meals/snacks for the day. You may find that you dont want to start phase 1 on Monday. Mine is actually on Thursday. I do not feel deprived and Ive kicked my sugar addiction. Try it. Work with it. But definitely get the book. Lots of good info.

Love the app

This makes be diet so much easier

Food filter is nonexistent

The app is convenient for tracking your daily consumption and shopping needs. However the food list doesnt filter between phases. The Phase tabs are present but the options dont change when one taps on a tab. Therefore time consuming to go up and down the list of foods to check the colored squares indicating appropriate phase.

Just ok

Needs upgrades that will align program with user data input Definitely could use an actual search function instead of having to scroll from a-z in each good category. Helpful for the basic program information but theres so much more potential that other tracking apps have.

Too many differences

In the app it says you can have healthy fats for phase 3 bfast but in the book it says fat/protein. And there are a ton more differences in comparison to app/book/cookbook! Love the diet but I was hoping not to "think" too much on this diet:(.

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